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from Fantabulosity

Any Party

The BEST Punch Recipe for Any Party: made with Sprite (or lemon-lime soda), pineapple juice, kool-aid, sugar, and water! So easy, and the best ever!

What A Smile! 1961 Austin Healey Sprite -

Sprites in Oklahoma. Sprites are electrical discharges that come out of the top of thunderclouds, opposite ordinary lightning bolts which plunge toward Earth. Sprites can tower as high as 90 km above ground.

Red sprites and blue jets are both atmospheric and electrical phenomena that take place in the upper atmosphere. They take place above normal lightning; Blue jets happen in cone shapes above thunderstorm clouds, and are not related to lightning. They’re blue due to ionised emissions from nitrogen. Red sprites can appear as different shapes and have hanging tendrils. They occur when positive lightning goes from the cloud to the ground.

maxhpbeyondfates: “ A beautiful commission done for me by @ticcytx based on my video on the Nestrian Festival! (which you can watch here: Also of course credit to @battlebees for the original sprite...