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In her Real Life Models series Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi imagines what the models of contorted and skewed abstract paintings must have looked like if they were distorted in real life.

Lady Dolly by PEZ ARTWORK, via Behance

Lady Dolly by PEZ Artwork, via Behance

Animated Illustrations Pay Tribute To Chuck Norris, Other Past Action Heroes - DesignTAXI.com

These illustrations pay tribute to some of the most memorable action movie actors of the past. The illustrations titled Past Action Heroes.

Photoshop in Real Life by Flora Borsi

Photoshop in Real Life, Artist Imagines Applying Photoshop Filters to Herself

La série "Photoshop In Real Life" est exactement ce qu'elle annonce être

La série "Photoshop In Real Life" est exactement ce qu'elle annonce être

Budapest-based photographer Flora Borsi wondered what Photoshop would look like in real life, so she made a bunch of manipulated photos — what else? — parodying photoediting tweaks such as the patch tool and hue/saturation presets.

from "we go to the gallery" by Miriam Elia. #art

'Pretty is Not Important': Mock Kids Book Pokes Fun At Modern Art

British writer and artist Miriam Elia has written a humorous children's book called We Go to the Gallery that pokes fun at the.