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Ashley Williams / Kaidan Alenko as The Hanged Man -- Mass Effect Tarot Cards

Space Hamster as 10 of Cups -- Mass Effect Tarot Cards

ME art,фэндомы,ME персонажи,Liara,таро,Alteya

James Vega as Knight of Wands -- Mass Effect Tarot Cards

Alfred Basha drawing would make a cute Tattoo... CA bear.

New card for Mass Effect tarot. Experimenting with adding a hint to some traditional elements.. And hey, you didn't think EDI would be the High Priestess, did you?

ME: Tali by Alteya, Mass Effect Fan Art, Digital Painting, Tarot Card Design, Illustration, Sci-Fi Rpg, Inspirational Art

I'm not crazy about the rose in the body, but I love the style of the fox and it's white eyes

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