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Father Georges Lemaitre - ordained in 1923, organized the theory of the expansion of the universe (aka The Big Bang Theory) in 1931

Fr. Georges Lemaitre, father of the Big Bang and modern cosmology.

Big Bang Theory

A priest came up with the Big Bang Theory (no, not the show, the theory).

Meet Fr. Georges Lemaître, father of the Big Bang Theory. No not that one; the other one, the cosmological model that explains the early development of the universe. Once at a conference after Fr. Lemaitre detailed his theory of the Big Bang, Einstein stood up, applauded, and said, “This is the most beautiful and satisfactory explanation of creation to which I have ever listened.”

Father Georges Lemaitre, Father of the Big Bang, changed the mind of Albert Einstein on a created Universe with a beginning and an end.

1 Corinthians 13:13♡

Father Georges Lemaitre, friend and Godfather of Pierre Matthews.

He (the Christian researcher) knows that not one thing in all creation has been done without God, but he knows also that God nowhere takes the place of His creatures. Omnipresent divine activity is everywhere, essentially hidden. It never had to be a question of reducing the supreme Being to the rank of a scientific hypothesis. -George Lemaitre (Big Bang Theory developer and Catholic priest).

I am the way the truth and the life

13 Memes on Catholicism & Science. Like the scientific method? Thank a priest! Like hospitals? Catholics again!