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Day 2 - I've shaved.. does that make me lighter? Not according to the scales.. 202lbs !

The Stalker Cows of Howsham - I was running past a field with some cows. They looked at me - I looked at them and said "hello". They started to follow me so i sped up a bit... so did they... I now had loads of galloping cows chasing me down the road! I stopped to get a photo and they stopped too... edging closely out behind the trees to see what i'm up to. There's about 20 cows behind these front ones. :o)

Fitness Day 4 - and my very lovely wife has brought me a coffee (skinny of course)

Fitness Day 5. That's five whole days without binging on anything even while I'm in possession of a massive tub of "Lovehearts"

Fitness Day 8 - Third run planned tonight and healthy eating continues. Week 1 Weigh in tomorrow! (p.s. those Lovehearts are history but I did share them)

Fitness Day 37 - Uh oh... last week I stayed in hotels and had a weekend away from home. Result.. weight went up 2lbs :o( But I'm determined to get back on the path to fitness.

Fitness Day 17 - lack of internet meant a few days off but it was weigh day yesterday and a few more pounds off. Good news @ 195lbs

Fitness Day 12 - Nice walk with Kipper and it was really warm, however the sun's in my eyes here and that's why I look like a tube. (and yes I'm a mink - that's the same tshirt as last night)

Fitness Day 25 - Five mile run at lunchtime was really a "plod" but didn't time it as I couldn't find my phone. Must stop snacking!

Fitness Day 21 - after a weekend which involved a massive pizza I'm back on track. Run for tomorrow and then another weigh day... (fingers crossed, socks off)