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Actual human.

"So you're like human? Like one hundred percent human? I've heard scary things about you guys," the boy says. "Aren't you human?" I ask. "No. I'm an elf. Well a mixture of an elf and human, but I'm not one hundred percent human," he answers.

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25 Photos That Prove That Jensen Ackles From "Supernatural" Is Your Dream Boyfriend

Did you need to see JA hula-hooping in slow motion? You did, didn’t you? | 25 Photos Of "Supernatural" Star Jensen Ackles That Will Make You Thirsty AF

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Community Post: 17 Reasons Being A Mermaid Would Be The Coolest Thing Ever

I lost my shoe. :( HIS FACE!! hahahahahahaha

Misha(Castiel) and Osric(Kevin) Oh my gooseness that is fantastic and somehow totally predictable.

Ina Murwani Prasetyaningrum aka InaWong is a young digital artist / illustrator based in the Indonesian city of Surakarta.

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