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Los primeros bocetos de famosos diseños

Máquina diferencial – 1832 Un detalle del dibujo del primer ordenador de la historia: “The Difference Engine” (Máquina diferencial) una calculadora mecánica diseñada por Charles Babbage. Medía 2.43m de alto por 2.13m de ancho y 0.91m de profundidad con engranajes de bronce. La imagen del dibujo muestra una versión para calcular tablas de logaritmos usadas por científicos e ingenieros.

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What's the Difference Between Phyllo and Puff Pastry? — Word of Mouth

Phyllo dough and puff pastry are both wonders of the frozen food world that help us create amazing pastries, tarts, and other baked goods at the drop of a hat. Of course, if you're the ambitious type you can make them yourself, but the beauty of these is their convenience and ease — you can pluck them straight from the frozen case. Both doughs are flaky and delicious, but how are they different, and can they be used interchangeably?

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How Schools Are Failing Their Quietest Students

How Schools Are Failing Their Quietest Students-One biological model of this dimension postulates that the differences in extraversion reflect differences in the arousal level of certain neocortical areas of the brain: those high in extraversion have low levels of arousal, whereas introverts have high levels. Given that effective performance on daily tasks requires an optimal level of arousal, extraverts are typically seeking to increase their levels of arousal, whereas introverts are trying…

Scarf Necklace - This is a retail website and shows all the different ways you can wear this, pretty cool * I will DEFINITELY be DIYing at least one of these for my closet!

Robert Cornelius, self-portrait; believed to be the earliest extant American portrait photo, 1839, daguerreotype, Library of Congress