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There's this guy who I really like, and he liked me too. He was going to ask me out actually. But he had more feelings for another girl. So they're going out now. I have a boyfriend too, but I still have hope the other one might come back for me.

Know a man who needs to know this is the te truth! Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller and smaller after every mistake.

I feel like my best me is when I'm alone I'm always worried someone will like the me I am at school but then when they see the alone me I'll scare them off and they will never come back

I'm just a girl who has celiac and a girl with a thyroid that makes it extremely easy to gain weight but it is extremely hard to lose it I feel like I will be the only one not invited to a dance party or prom

So it turns out that my crush liked me for two months and when I liked my old crush, I was obsessing over him and I was talking to him about it since he's my best friend too and even though he liked me, he was still trying to get my old crush to like me. When I asked him now why he did this, he was just like, I wanted you to be happy so he basically sacrificed his feelings for me! I love him so much!

I remember this time in my life...glad to have come thru it but still feel for all of those who still struggle... We need more resources for mental health