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saggital plane, pertaining to 'nutation', defined as: In upright vertebrates, the sacrum is capable of slight independent movement along the sagittal plane. When you bend backward the top (base) of the sacrum moves forward relative to the ilium; when you bend forward the top moves back.[2] The anterior motion of the sacral base is called nutation, and the posterior motion is counter-nutation

BodyPlanes - ever wonder what a trainer is talking about when they say 'moving through the saggital'? A simple diagram for understanding the planes of movement. Enjoy.

Stuck Sacrum - Sacroiliac Joint! A Magical Unsticker For Cranky S.I. Joints This worked for me!

serratus anterior exercises - Google Search

serratus anterior muscles as part of Chaturanga Dandasana. This goes along with the picture showing Pectoralis Major

Training in all planes - sagittal plane, frontal plane, transverse plane.

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Remember why you started.

In Uttanasana we can engage TFL by standing flat on a mat and then attempt to pull your feet apart, without actually moving them. This engages the TFL

Then press the heel of the forward leg into the mat (as if you were trying to bend the knee). This cue causes the hamstrings to contract. Build the pressure gradually and top it off at no more than 20 percent of your maximum strength. Steadily engage the hamstrings for five even breaths, and then gradually release the contraction over a second or two. This will have produced the relaxation response