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Life chooses new lessons about self-worth daily. My time is my own. I choose how to spend it. NO ONE but I can decide how and when I can/should do things.

Merge a picture of your child with their artwork. Tutorial, photography, kids, colorful, buzzfeed, 21 incredibly simple photoshop hacks

A bit of my own artwork, Llanberis Choughs. On a day like this I wish I was on the Anglesey coast watching out for these unique birds!

Art Crit: Discussing Art.. tons of good questions students can ask. Need to print for my own use for warm ups/ critiques/ self assessments/ etc.

I love this artwork; I feel like it somewhat captures my own self too... the red wavy hair, reading a book, the snuggly kitty

This charming lady, Elise stands proudly in her beautiful art deco dress! Decoupage sheet with plenty of pieces to create your own stunning designs! Please check out my other artwork and Dudes!

Celtic and Pictish - early Celts and their priests, the Druids, had their own form of alphabet known as “Ogam Bethluisnion”, which was an extremely simple alphabet used more for carving into wood and stone, than for general writing, while Pictish artwork was later adopted by the Celts, especially throughout Ireland (???)