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"Sometimes you make choices in life, and sometimes choices make you." ~ The Fault In Our Stars

When I saw this in the movies I was freaking out I had a mini dance party! It was insane

I love this fan art so much..."The Fault In Our Stars by Grodansnagel on deviantART"

25 Insanely Cool Nail Art Designs Inspired By Books

25 Insanely Cool Nail Art Designs Inspired By Books...tacky and would never do this but still give them props for dedication.

The Fault In Our Stars... hands down one of THE BEST books I've ever read

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"'Funky Bones,' Augustus said. 'Created by Joep Van Lieshout.'" (5.86). This is the public sculpture where Augustus asked Hazel to go to Amsterdam with him. It was made by a dutch artist, which fits the occasion. Hazel is very excited to go to Amsterdam and to go see Van Houten, so she thanks Augustus very much.

the truth hurts unless you are used to it