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Here I am, on my mat, wobbling in Tree Pose; no longer a sturdy tree as I was a decade ago when I started my practice. However, I am still standing, still capable of finding a way to balance on one leg, even as my body keeps changing, and as I try to understand these changes. It’s taken years for me to accept my body as it ages. It is a natural part of aging, and to understand that nature always changes. I love that I can still bend further backwards than I thought possible

How to Act Your Yoga Age

Acting your yoga age isn't just about honoring your physical abilities and limitations, it's also about perspective. Here's how you can act your yoga age.

Yoga After 50

Yoga After 50 - Yoga can be practiced fully & deeply at any age. Dr. Fishman noted that aging brings impairments of range, motion, strength & balance that can require modifications, even among veteran yogis, like using the support of a chair or the wall for many poses.

A lot of people give me either goofy smiles of bewilderment or blank stares of "huh?" when I mention combining my passion for Yoga with my passion for horses. Both fulfill me so much, and I feel my life has been transformed in an ever-changing way by both of these passions. Yoga is a science that teaches us how to find our Soul, or some would say, our Self-realization. True horsemanship does the same thing. Both are transformative practices. Both are experiential practices. I like to

For The Price of a Shirt I Can Help a Child Finish School. It’s no secret that practicing yoga once or twice a week has countless health benefits. But what if you made a commitment to practice everyday for 30 days? And, to make it a bit more interesting you set your mat up in a room that’s heated to just under 40 degrees Celsius. That’s what Adrian Lee did. He wasn’t doing it for personal success or accolades amongst his peers. He was answering a call for help. The 33-year-old hospital

Being a yogi is stimulating yet calming, fun yet challenging, testing yet rewarding. It is forgiving yet a responsibility, understanding whi...