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An awesome mug for all German Shepherd owners!

Limited edition German Shepherd black mug.

Vinyl Wall Lettering Dogs ask Little Deserve Much Paws Pet Quotes Decals

Dogs Deserve Much Pet Decal | Vinyl Wall Lettering | Wall Quotes

Self-adhesive Vinyl Wall Lettering Available in 3 sizes listed in SIZE drop down…

Non-dog owners rules

Rules For Non-Dog Owners. Haha reminds me of a few who find it necessary to tell me they don't like my dogs

Lucca detected a buried explosive, alerted the Marines and kept scouting for more. But the bomb was booby-trapped and as Lucca ran to look for more, a second exploded.    It was an excruciating moment for Rodriguez.    “I heard her squealing and screaming,” he said. “I went up and gave her first aid and a tourniquet. I petted her to try and keep her calm.    “It was rough. Nobody else got hurt.”    Lucca's wounds were so significant they required the amputation of her left front leg.

Military dog gets hero's welcome at O'Hare

Lucca may only have three legs but she has an unbroken spirit. The bomb-finding dog saved soldiers' lives in Afghanistan but an explosion sidelined her. Now she's flying to a new life with an old friend -- and stopped at O'Hare on her way.

An awesome pillow cover for all Pomeranian owners!

3 Things You Don't Want To Mess With - My Freedom, My Family And My Pomeranian Pillow Cover

An awesome pillow cover for all Pomeranian owners!

buncha wet boxers

❤️ OMG, if only I had a beach full of boxers!

Don't have this problem but it is funny!!

The cheese wrapper will be heard from miles away AND investigated! My dog is the same.she's there in seconds.