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Write Your First Sentence in Iambic Pentameter - The Writing Café. Maybe? Sounds reasonable, given the examples.

Why Shakespeare loved iambic pentameter - David T. Freeman and Gregory Taylor - YouTube

An "app" that has all of the sonnets being read by famous voices. Shakespeare would have loved actors of today reading his sonnets, especially because they read them in perfect iambic pentameter. It was created by to enable students and sonnet lovers to hear these sonnets in dramatic fashion.

Pop songs translated into Shakespeare. It would be fun to give students a bunch of these and have them match them or translate them and then have them take a stab at turning a song they like into a sonnet. A good fun way to teach students iambic pentameter and the structure of sonnets. jj

Living Iambic Pentameter - great example of how to teach it ... (Shakespeare's rhythm of emotion, the heartbeat ...)

Teaching Shakespeare | Introducing Iambic Pentameter |Royal Shakespeare Company

Sonnet activity! Have students take a popular song and change it into a Shakespearean Sonnet!

A brief tutorial on meter and iambic pentameter.

from YouTube

Hip-Hop & Shakespeare? Akala at TEDxAldeburgh

TEDxTalk on how Shakespeare created hip hop. Great on getting students intrigued on Shakespeare.