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A book to read aloud to young children. Poignant, magical and beautifully written. Do you have a 'Lob' in your garden?

Reading a story narrated by 'Death' might sound unrealistic and perhaps even cliched; this is anything but. Set in Nazi Germany and centred around the life of a young girl, this is a very moving novel about love between father and daughter, deep friendships across racial divides and the simultaneous destructive and uplifting power of words.

This is THE book to read if the words 'Ragnarok', 'Odin', 'Fenrir' and 'Loki' fill you with fascination. These are fabulous tales which you will read and re-read.

The best novel by our greatest living writer. From its opening scene – a communal Moonie wedding - this novel grabs, provokes and furthermore skewers our modern anxieties and concerns.

The second I saw this volume, I had to own it! Singer won the Nobel Prize but is now perhaps not as celebrated as he should be. His writing is subtle, nuanced, affecting and human. Essential.

My favourite history book of all time – no writer has ever 'brought to life' a period of time for me so thrillingly as Sandbrook, who chronicles both the 60s we all know as well as the 60s we don't.

A powerful documentation of Orwell's experiences submerged in the underclass of Paris and London. There are so many great books out there demanding to be read…this is the only one I've allowed myself to read twice