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Autism World Cloud ASD Women's Dark T-Shirt

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Medical Marijuana Is Being Used To Successfully Treat Symptoms of Autism in Patients As Autism becomes more prevalent in the United States, there is a growing need for alternative treatments. Currently prescribed drugs simply do not work for some, and more parents have been turning to medical marijuana to ease their children’s symptoms


Fish Oil Dosage to Fight ADHD Symptoms in Kids: Vitamins and Supplements

Take Optimal Amounts of Omega-3s. According to Dr. Newmark, kids between four and eight years old should take between1,000-1,500 mg. a day. Older kids should get 2,000-2,500 mg. daily. Look for a product that has twice the amount of EPA to DHA—the two main types of omega-3's. Liquid or capsule forms of omega-3 fatty acids are best.

For ADHD and Anxiety in children and adults. This may help you! “Young Living supplements are designed to improve nutrition; they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. However, scientific research has established a connection between nutrition and many disease conditions.” Contact me @ Pickle Creek Ranch if you have questions. Young Living #1176855

I am going to borrow this idea and make a custom notebook for high functioning/aspergers related issues for my daughter's teachers next year- may make my parent teacher /IEP meetings shorter!! There really aren't any lists out there for her specific needs that I've found. Autism Preparation Kit For Teachers~snagglebox


Potty Training a Child with Autism

Potty training can be overwhelming to the child as well as the parent. It is even harder for parents of an autistic toddler. Learn some potty training tips for potty training a child with autism.

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My Secret Weapon for Calming an Active Child

Magnesium: Great natural way to treat ADHD, migraines, sleep issues and much more..