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Jimi Hendrix & Keith Richards - Two legends caught in a rare moment discussing their passion for guitars and music

69 Rare Historical Photographs You've Probably Never Seen. #8 Is A Bit Disturbing. | SF Globe

Marlon Brando. This may have caught Brando at a rare moment when he was actually studying his part.

Oh my gosh, yes. You actually have to be interrupted. If you just stop and then they talk, thats not an interruption.

My last show, the script was so short. I was the main character with 24 lines. We improvised most of the dialogue.

from Mental Floss

10 Internet Lies That Won't Die

Marilyn & JFK fake picture)

from Mail Online

By Kalhan Rosenblatt For

An incredibly rare Albino moose has been caught on camera. The bull moose, which was entirely snowy white, was seen snacking on leaves and foliage during a daytime shoot.

Very cool animal photo's. I love the lady bug.

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