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Want to know what’s our favorite yoga sequence for the weekend? It’s the Detoxify & Cleanse Yoga Essential Flow! It’s the perfect sequence to regain energy after a night of partying and recover http://www.spotebi.com/yoga-sequences/detoxify-cleanse @spotebi #Yoga #YogaFlow #YogaSequence #Fitness #Fit #GetFit #Healthy #Happy

Doing yoga to lose weight is a great way to gain balance back in your life. Here are 21 yoga asanas for beginners and advanced people that will help you burn fat, lose weight, build strength, and increase flexibility.

Do you often feel tired during the day? Do you wake up every morning feeling dull and down? Here are 10 effective morning yoga exercises for you to check out

Yoga relieves stress, which lowers cortisol and leads to healthy weight loss! Lose weight naturally with these 13 yoga poses! Exercise And Fitness

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