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Ongewone vriendschap...

I want to hug a monkey. I want to hug a cheetah. I want to see a monkey hug a cheetah. Lots of cute animals. Lots of hugging.


Pygmy Marmosets, AKA finger monkeys (they are small enough to wrap around your finger) I want one so badly

i love monkeys

Daily Awww: Monkeeeeeeeeeeeey! (36 photos)

Ring-Tailed Lemurs (Lemur catta), Madagascar.  These small primates are known as 'prosimians,' meaning 'before monkeys.'

These small primates are known as 'prosimians,' meaning 'before monkeys.

Say ahhh

After this hell need some happy monkeys and Apes. so here is a lovely baby orangutan.

I know...the language...but the face was priceless.

Why am I in the water? a poor and rightly confused orangutan ; Why arna in the Water? And what the fuck is THAT? Sorry bitches orangutan water what the fuck