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A Time Warner Cable truck is parked in New York.

He has half of Hollywood behind him not to mention all the TV stations except Fox. Obama won be a narrow margin. It wasn't a landslide as he would have you believe!

You are now entering the TWILIGHT ZONE, aka the United States of America circa 2008 to present........Will you have to alter your identity to make it out alive?

But its influence seems to far exceed the ability to sway a few votes one way or another. Fox and its friends seem to have become so influential and all-encompassing that it is actually creating an entirely separate version of reality in the minds of its most loyal viewers, one that with increasing frequency doesn’t match reality.

Adam describes how political parties are able to predetermine election winners through a process called gerrymandering. Subscribe: Wat...

Hillary Clinton the Wrong Woman. All talk but she never puts out

Holder Mixed Up In Ohio Voter Fraud? - May 31, 2013 by NewsEditor - Eric Holder and the tons of bogus voters in a key swing state, plus the IRS practically sets up shop in Obama’s White House…

from Washington Post

Congress is as terrible as it seems, according to someone who would know

As we sit and watch tv our nation is destroyed by the corruption of the Republican Party.

The #VPDebate was definitely one for the “record books,” however, it was likely a performance that unhinged Tim Kaine, nicknamed #KaineWreck online, would like to do over. If you want to talk about “tone and temperament,” which the Democrats LOVE to do, please use Tim Kaine, a sweaty, seething gasbag as your “case study” for the worst “tone and temperament” ever displayed by a politician on national TV. Kaine came across as jumpy, nervous, and vile. He was short on substance but long on…