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Kitty mad because he wants treats

Maine Coon Black and White. This looks so much like my LeeLee except she is calico.

Justcoon's Nifty S Back. German Import. Blue Smoke. Nifty is a beautiful looking cat, he has his mother's beauty, it looks as if he will follow his father in size (14kg). Nifty S Back 25/11/13


Tuxedo Cat Facts and personality. Tuxedo cats are very friendly in nature and also extremely active. They are more vocal as compared to the…

This kitten looks like a cross between my tuxedo cat and my Main Coon. I wonder if his eyes will stay blue ? Usually kittens eyes are changing when they are this big. So cute.

black smoke maine coon <-- OMG!!! Look at him!!! This is just more evidence as to why I NEED a male main coon in my life