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Khalid Alkaaby was born in Baghdad, Iraq on December 2, 1979. With 15 years experience in the field of art, Khalid spent many of those years in Baghdad where he had his own successful studio. In 2005, his country threatened by war and terrorism, he was forced to leave his beloved studio and gallery behind and start anew when he immigrated to the United States. Khalid has been developing and refining his own unique style, greatly inspired by French impressionist Claude Monet.

Statement: Method, Material and Meaning My work is about a universe where time and emotions intersect. I grew up in Europe and in the US, so have a dual perspective with regards to tradition in painting and aesthetics. My work is about duality and is informed by a cross-cultural exposure.

In a world run by technology and instant gratification, I am grounded by a tradition implemented by generations of Master Artists. Using techniques influenced by Old Masters, such as Rembrandt, Whistler, and Sargent, I create allegories that speak to issues of private contemporary society.

XEVI VILARÓ is a contemporary artist born on January 12, 1975 in La Cellera de Ter, Girona. He is self taught and began painting when his mother gave him a canvas and brushes in 1992. His work has been featured/is present in the galleries of Catalonia, Madrid, Mexico, Miami, Indianapolis, San Diego, and international art fairs such as the Los Angeles art show, Art Madrid, Art DC, Scope Miami, Scope New York and others.

"Spanish painter. Born into a middle-class family, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid, where he mastered academic techniques. Dalí also pursued his personal interest in Cubism and Futurism and was expelled from the academy for indiscipline in 1923.

For me painting is an energizing and at times an enlightening experience. Inspired by Kandinsky's effort to experience the spiritual resonance of colour and form (innere Klang), I also believe that our minds, when sharpened, can be sensitive to the finest vibrations. When one's sharpened attention is directed inwardly, not to the imagination but to the physical sensations, another dimension of reality takes place.