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Sofa Chair Arm Rest Tray Table Stand with Side Storage Slot for Magazines

Handcrafted tray table stand with side storage slot. The perfect addition to a sofa chair in any home, apartment, condo, or man cave. It has been sanded down, then stained and sealed with a dark walnut finish. The stand is free standing and can be used anywhere around the house. Non-marking, non-skid rubber pads are installed on the bottom of base of the stand. This piece does not include the accessory items as shown in the pictures. The color of the stained wood captured in the photos…

6 Tips to Make Video Editing Easier

Video editing doesn't have to be expensive or require expertise. We've personally created hundred of high quality videos on a startup budget. Here our are hacks to make video editing easier.

Red One Camera, the next generation of Super High Definition Filming 2160p while still allowing 35MP still photograph's to be pulled out.