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Explore Hidden Inappropriateness, Mixed Nuts and more!

Here are some fun and geeky things you may not have known about Disney parks.

Newspaper Blackout Poems: A Creative Way To Write Poetry

Newspaper Blackout, creates mystery and shows hidden messages therefore helping you work out the story, engaging audiences. Blocking out the words could represent blocking out some of the story meaning you have to watch it to work it out.

100 Questions for Character Couples

These questions can help you flesh out your WIP's relationships, find hidden details to use in your tale, and discover more about your characters.

Natalie♡sTatonka on

Haha Jack's face!!!! #WhenCallsTheHeart this episode is gonna be great!! episode 8!!! @Hallmark Channel @DLissing

Bras and Panties I always wondered why it was inappropriate to wear your bra and panties out, but why its fine to wear a bikini out -

"What were we doing in the painting?" "We were.. I can't even say.. We were... Kissing..." "Kissing?! How inappropriate!" I love how much he teases her! He seriously has the best poker face.