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Easy homemade Father's Day gift ideas

Create a ‘clay’ keepsake with just a few bits from your kitchen cupboard, some paint and a helping hand (or foot). For all the ins and outs, see our tutorial. | Tesco

Sporty games to play for Father’s Day

Set up a sports day-style games tournament for a low-cost way to give dad a very happy Father’s Day. Our original ideas will make for some great bonding time and lasting memories. | Tesco

Celebrate Father's Day with these fun family night games and activities that won't cost you a penny. | Tesco

Easy homemade Father's Day gift ideas

Make use of free photo sites and turn all of your favourite family snaps, including a few embarrassing ones of Dad in his younger days, into a collage and frame it for a simple heart-felt gift. | Tesco

Forget your bottle opener - this simple card hack will have you opening beer bottles in no time. Once perfected, it is sure to make a brilliant Father's Day party trick.

Paul Hollywood's Pies and Puds. The perfect Father's Day gift for a wannabe baker, or a dad who loves to cook. | Tesco

Father's Day chocolate cake

A Father's Day chocolate cake recipe from Tesco Real Food. Make it with the kids - what dad could resist? | Tesco

Take the world’s greatest armchair manager to the next level. #Makedadsday this Fathers Day with Alex Ferguson's autobiography. | Tesco

Easy homemade Father's Day gift ideas

Fill a clean ketchup bottle with pancake batter and get creative in the pan with shapes and patterns. Our tip is to start with easy stuff like stars and build up to the Mona Lisa. | Tesco

Rev James spritzer

Your dad won't be embarrassed to be seen drinking this beer-based cocktail on Father's Day. | Tesco