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Create a ‘clay’ keepsake with just a few bits from your kitchen cupboard, some paint and a helping hand (or foot). For all the ins and outs, see our tutorial. | Tesco

Make it quirky, this Father's Day. Take your pick from a selection of classic dad gifts. What'll it be - a sarcastic mug, some novelty golf balls, rugby ball cufflinks, or a book of dad jokes? | Tesco

Celebrate Father's Day with these fun family night games and activities that won't cost you a penny. | Tesco

Easy homemade Father's Day gift ideas

Make use of free photo sites and turn all of your favourite family snaps, including a few embarrassing ones of Dad in his younger days, into a collage and frame it for a simple heart-felt gift. | Tesco

How to make a gratitude jar

Tell dad all the reasons why he is so great with this sentimental gratitude jar gift idea. Simple, personalised and handmade, it is full of wonderfully warming touches. | Tesco

Forget your bottle opener - this simple card hack will have you opening beer bottles in no time. Once perfected, it is sure to make a brilliant Father's Day party trick.

Father's Day chocolate cake

A Father's Day chocolate cake recipe from Tesco Real Food. Make it with the kids - what dad could resist? | Tesco