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Civil War, Antique Firearms & Military Auction January 16, 2010- Cataloged Antique Firearms, Civil War and Military Auction (At Fontaine's Pittsfield MA) l 413-448-8922 So You Want To Be A Picker? Online Course -CLICK ON THE PICTURE ABOVE ^

Collection of excavated Civil War artillery shells and fragments including a possible Confederate shell, grape shot, Schenkal, and solid cannon ball. 9 items plus approximately 24 mini balls. All found circa 1920 on owner's family property, part of the site of the Battle of Peachtree Creek in Atlanta, GA. Private Atlanta, GA collection.

*CIVIL WAR PINFIRE PISTOL~from Gettysburg Battlefield. Invented in 1828 by a Frenchman by the name of Casimir Lefaucheux, it was one of the earliest practical designs of a metallic cartridge. The pinfire history is closely associated with the development of the breech-loader which replaced older muzzle loading weapons.