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Alexandria will seek to move Confederate statue and rename Jefferson Davis Highway

African history. One scholar said, some black folks continued to focus on the last 500 years of slavery and oppression, forgetting or ignoring the previous thousands of years of our glorious history. It is full time that we re-connect with our glorious past, which is still UN-surpassed by any other human developments and evolution upon the planet earth!

These 40 Photos From The Past Are Shocking, Crazy, Or Both. I Still Can't Believe Some Of Them.

2.) People posing next to the Statue of Liberty's face as it was being un-packed.

Construction of the Statue of Liberty Retronaut | Retronaut - See the past like you wouldn't believe.

November 10, 1898 - Two days after the local elections in Wilmington, NC, the democratically elected and biracial government was overthrown by Democratic Party White Supremacists. Over 1,500 white men participated in an attack on the black newspaper, burning down the building. They ran officials and community leaders out of the city, and killed many blacks in widespread attacks. Although originally described as a race riot, it is now perceived as the only coup d'etat in US history.

Look at the faces on the top row. Does that tell you something about "news" and right wing wacko politics of today? 1%ers like the Koch brothers & corporations fund the right wing campaign of hate for one simple reason. When people are filled with hate they are easy to manipulate. The truth is that for some it is not, nor has it ever been about facts, honesty or truth. Logic is wasted on them.