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tilt image of coffee cup and cookie with beans. - Close-up tilt shot of coffee cup with cookies and coffee beans on wooden plank.

close-up shot of tea cups. - Detailed shot of tea cups on wooden table.

cup of coffee drink with beans - Close-up shot of coffee drink with beans on table surface

serving coffee in a red cup. - Close-up shot of pouring coffee into red cup over white background,

sweet almond and coffee - A close-up image of sweet almond confection and a dark coffee on the table

coffee with cookies for breakfast - Coffee drink and beans with cookies for breakfast

full coffee cup shot - Full coffee cup shot on a yellow tablecloth.

coffee cup with coffee beans - Cup of coffee with coffee beans in abundance

coffee with cookies - A dark coffee and coffee beans with cookies on the side

flavorful cookies with a dark coffee - A flavorful cookie with a dark coffee on a white plate surrounded by coffee beans