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It’s Gonna Be A Long Ride

See you later Alligator. After a while crocodile. Bye Bye Butterfly. Be Sweet Parakeet. Give a hug Ladybug. See ya soon Raccoon. Out the door Dinosaur. Take Care Polar Bear. So long King Kong. Blow a kiss Goldfish. Toodle-loo Kangaroo ~ God is Heart

Hahaha #firstdayofschool #lol #funnyshit #haha #lmao #bahaha #memes

you saved my life i am eternally grateful

We all have that mentally challenged friend

Favorite thing my 8 year old neighbor said "How do you know when you start your period? Do you get a letter?" I wish kid. I wish

I asked my three year old daughter to go tell her daddy to come to bed. She went…

I hate it when I lose something