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"My wife took my son and daughter and left—she couldn’t take it any more, and I don’t blame her. It was my rock bottom, watching them leave; I fell into a complete depression and I knew I had nothing left to lose. That’s when I took out the yellow pages. There I was, at 3AM, sprawled on my kitchen floor, calling up drug treatment centers. The folks at Phoenix House were the only ones who picked up the phone and listened." -- DH, New York

"The judge said, 'I’m locking you up because you look like you’re going to die.' I was just skin and bones. That was my rock bottom...I knew I needed help. I asked the judge if I could go to Phoenix House. I pleaded with him to give me this chance and he did. It saved my life." -- Jasmine, California

"I had been using drugs for so long that I had forgotten who I really was. But as soon as I walked through the Phoenix House door, I had an overwhelming sense of relief; I had made it. Today, when I remember that moment of clarity, that feeling of gratitude still washes over me and brings tears to my eyes." -- Alisa, New England

"Before Phoenix House, I had always thought I was alone in this. I thought that addiction only happened to me. But it happens to so many people, and so many people recover. I go to groups every day and hear people’s stories, and it’s like, “Hey man, that’s the same exact story that I’ve got!” It’s all made me understand that addiction is a disease, and recovery is possible if you work hard at it." -- David R., Florida

"Treatment was such a valuable experience. The program I attended was women and children only, and I loved the structure of the program. More than that, I love Phoenix House and what they stand for—how they help people identify issues, take initiative, work on things, support each other. I just think it’s the best program there is." -- Traci, California

"The worst part of my addiction was when I was homeless; my family didn't want anything to do with me. Phoenix House gave me the sense of purpose I didn't have before." --Brian G.

"By age 25, cocaine and heroin were my drugs of choice. I was working as a fashion designer at the time so that’s what I had in common with the whole fashion crowd: drugs and parties. I enjoyed the career and the whole scene, but it didn’t last long because pretty soon my #1 priority became drugs. It wasn’t until I started studying at Phoenix House’s Beyoncé Cosmetology Center that I finally started to make progress and become happy." --Vitaly, New York

"I’m proud of what I’ve done to become who I am today. People are always surprised at my story; they say, 'Wow, you don’t look like a drug addict!' And I say, 'Well what does a drug addict look like exactly?'” -- Londi, New York

"Phoenix House taught me how to live again. I learned how to address issues from which I was running, how to appreciate the little things, how to become humble and put a value on what was important. It was through treatment that I began to set priorities and make healthy decisions. I began trusting others, taking pride in the little things that meant so much. I now care about myself and others around me." -- Joan, New York