How to make a cardboard dolls house

Every now and again I like to tackle a crafty project, to give my creative side a splurge. This week I've been making a dolls house for L.

DIY inspirations: doll houses and forts We still have that really large box in the garage!

Prudent Grammie (my resourceful & crafty mama) made this awesome cardboard playhouse when she came to visit this Summer.

♥ "Emma's cupboard bed", 2 3/16” wide, 7/8” deep and 2 1/16” tall ~ Robin Betterley's Miniatures

1/4" Emmas Cupboard Bed

♥ "Emma's cupboard bed", 2 wide, deep and 2 tall ~ Robin Betterley's Miniatures - this is a mini, but I'm thinking it would make a nice nook bed in full size!

How to... Make A Cardboard Dolls House - Red Ted Art's Blog. Also some posts about making furniture and further "re-models". Sweet!

How to... Make A Cardboard Dolls House