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Are you comforatble yet? by Leonard Ravenhill

The albatross the couple found themselves confronting could tear their world apart

gets tiresome, yet discussing it with certain people is pointless when they do not listen, continue to deny the obvious, and care only about their own happiness and nothing of yours or the people you love.

Sometimes you need to be brave - just have crazy courage for 20 seconds and you can surprise yourself

"A healthy adult relationship is one where both people in the relationship give and both receive. There is a safe and open exchange of ideas, feelings, and thoughts, and all perspectives are considered and valued. There is also the freedom to respectfully challenge, confront, and strengthen one another." -Leslie Vernick #marriage #relationships #respect

Feel it. The thing you don't want to feel. Feel it. And be free. --Nayirrah waheed

"Your inner demons have materialized in the physical world in uncharacteristic ways. Now you must confront them for the last time."

A fundamental task in creating suspense is to confront your protagonist with obstacles to overcome. Then, just as he/she thinks they have a handle on the situation, it gets worse.

"Who am I gonna shoot first?" He sneered at Ryan and pointed the gun at him…