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Webquest Music Around the World - links to several youtube clips of specific world instruments

Built by Eduardo de Miguel Arbonés in Valencia, Spain with date 2004. Images by Duccio Malagamba. The project is located on the premises of the former Ateneo Musical del Puerto, in the neighborhood of Cabanyal of Va...

AFRICA. Suggested Grade Levels: 6-8. Full Lesson Plan: http://media.smithsonianfolkways.org/docs/lesson_plans/FLP10075_ghana_percussion.pdf They’re Ghana Love It!: Experiences with Ghanaian Music for Middle School General Music Students. This lesson is intended to develop knowledge regarding Ghanaian music. Students will experience the musical cultures of Ghana through listening, movement, game play, and percussion performance.

It's the most important, urgent and innovative musical culture cultivated over the UK last two decades. As the scene hits its teenage years and returns to its roots, we investigate the past, present and future of grime.

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