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I always found it odd when people said that Prince Harry might have been James Hewitt son. LOOK at the family resemblance to his grandfather Prince Philip. There is no doubt to me that Prince Harry is a Windsor.

Looking back on 2016 as one of the best years of my life. I quit my job, became full freelance and moved to Portland with my best friend. I've traveled through 4 different countries and met the most amazing people. I lived more this year alone than I have most of my life and I have a feeling 2017 will be just as great, if not better. // That being said, I hope everyone has a safe and fun New Year's Eve. ✨

I like this. I hope people aren't hating on him or her. It's literally his life we don't have a say in who he dates

"Anyone else have friend crushes People who you want to be friends with so bad but something's restraining you from gaining that relationship so you kind of admire them from a distance "

Things people have said in their sleep

Things people have said in their sleep

#positive #sayings #quotes. Ah, well said. 'Some' people need to learn this skill, but it's probably too late for them. There will likely be lots of verbal/political 'wrangling' with 'Captain I'm obviously a sociopathic narcissist'.

Very well said quote! Always remember you don't have to put up with Liars, cheaters, and weak minded people. Respect yourself more then that and learn to let go. What you allow is what will continue!

In 1858, the 1st Black pianist to win national fame was Thomas Greene Bethune, or “Blind Tom” (1849-1908). Born a blind slave near Columbus, GA, his talent as a composer & a pianist was soon recognized by Colonel Bethune; who purchased him in 1850. The child prodigy made his debut in Savannah, GA & for over 40 yrs amazed his audiences “with his artistry & his gift for total recall” of the more than 700 pieces that he played.