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Persecution Pays: How Right-Wing Christian Films Like 'God's Not Dead' And 'Persecuted' Monetize The Persecution Complex  Anderson told IBT. Anderson says that for some Christians in America, “'persecution' has come to mean ‘anything that makes me feel bad about my faith.’ … The persecution complex allows white evangelicals to cast themselves as the underdogs, the ‘real heroes’ of the story in a hostile world.”

Here is the trailer everyone is talking about! Pure Flix proudly presents God’s Not Dead starring Willie Robertson, Kevin Sorbo, Shane Harper, Dean Cain, and newsboys (official)! Please watch then SHARE! Coming to theaters March

Funny movie quotes: A League of Their Own

baseball movies and quotes There's No Crying in Baseball - A League of Their Own Movie CLIP HD

Its Not About The Nail - Published on May 22, 2013  "Don't try to fix it. I just need you to listen." Every man has heard these words. And they are the law of the land. No matter what. YouTube

Its Not About The Nail - This is too good. She needs empathy! I laughed way to hard at this.

New movie, God's Not Dead Official Trailer - YouTube. Staring Shane Harper, who plays Spence in "Good Luck Charlie" Coming Spring of 2014

"God's Not Dead" is a new Christian film about faith and the limits one young man will go to in order to defend his belief in God. The movie stars Kevin Sorbo (Hercules, Andromeda, Soul Surfer), Shane Harper (Good Luck Charlie, High School Musical

Now You See Me ... AWESOME MOVIE. It really was great. I don't know what the critics were thinking when they gave it 43% Rotten tomato on that "movie judging website". It ruled.

This movie had such a deeper storyline and played out on a far bigger global scale the the movie truly shows. They say the closer you look, the less you'll see, but the truth is that the closer you pay attention, the more you will expose.

GOD's Not Dead March 2014 Calendar-- ".....sooooo...where do you get your hope from?"

GOD's Not Dead March 2014 Calendar-- ".where do you get your hope from?

The Notebook

The Notebook has a great contrast in colour which portrays into the emotions from being surrounded by the swans and trees and the sun shining on the protagonists to them coming out of the trees with a darker atmosphere from the weather to their moods.