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Old times: Prince was married to Canadian philanthropist Testolini for five years before she filed for divorce, later remarrying to Grammy nominated singer Eric Benét, with whom she has two children

Beaty and the beast 2: trip to the IKEA

Funny pictures about Beauty and the Beast sequel. Oh, and cool pics about Beauty and the Beast sequel. Also, Beauty and the Beast sequel.

GPS-Grace Power Strength.... What an eye opening article...... WOW!!

I wonder if I have been sending mixed signals that falsely got his hopes up this time.shouldn't respond to his texts at all.

This is my life... :). Some still don't understand but, even when I'm so angry I can't let myself stop caring

Ultimately, he gave up on me, on us, the marriage and all we had. Years of commitment and strength.tossed away unapologetically; ultimately not for THE best.

On Wednesday August 19th in 1981, Prince Charles and Princess Diana broke from their honeymoon at Balmoral and appeared together on the banks of the River Dee.

August Prince Charles & Princess Diana honeymooning at Balmoral, Scotland.