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Species of the Month (December, 2007) : Oak Mistletoe an amazing number of other species rely on it for food and shelter. • The leaves of mistletoe provide rich protein for ring-tailed cats, chipmunks, porcupines, deer, and elk. • Birds and small mammals burrow into mistletoe for warmth in winter. Martens are known to take cover in it, and dozens of birds

We had a pet mourning dove, Lonesome Dove, for over 14 years. The dove's call is one of the most soothing, mellow, and beautiful in the entire Bird Kingdom. This from a drab little creature. Notice how most birds with spectacular plumage have harsh and grating voices. Love birds, parrots, and cockatiels may be popular pets, but they have noisy and super-irritating shrieks!

Mourning Dove Mother and Baby Birds-From Audubon Book of Western Birds-most widespread/common native dove, open woodlands, upland habitats, urban/suburban areas, common at feeders, feeds on ground usually seeds, beautiful cooing call, breeds from Alaska across Canada, s. through entire U.S. Some will move south in winter.

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Community Post: The 30 Fattest Birds On The Planet

<b>These birds are so fat, <i>you'll</i> go on a diet.</b> Presenting—for your gluttonous pleasure—the plumpest, most morbidly obese birds on the whole dang planet Earth.