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I have many things to be grateful for. Love in my heart for my children that is given back to me by them in the most beautiful ways. A wonderful career with an employer that cherishes its employees. Happiness in my life every where I look. Truly blessed.

A couple of QUOTES (19 photos)

People sometimes think I am a bitch.. or they think of me as two faced. But if they knew my past and what I have been through as a person. They would know who I am today. I have high morals and it takes so much for my heart to fully open to someone.

Photo Diary: Love Notes & a New ‘Do

This is not Shakespeare! Anyone who read a few lines of Shakespeare would know this sounds nothing like Elizabethan English, especially not the way Shakespeare used it. This quote is by Arrigo Boito. Just because it's on Pinterest doesn't make it true.