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Art in the park- little library. We make a lot by hand, even that bench is home made at Gordon's Park

Help Unravel a Gordon Parks Southern Mystery

The image is striking: A stone-faced African-American woman in a spotless maid’s uniform cradles a white toddler while a stylishly dressed white woman sits nearby. Gordon Parks took the picture at the Atlanta airport in the spring of 1956. (Photo: Gordon Parks)

Macy’s honors fashion photography legend Parks at Galleria today

Macy's honors fashion photography legend Parks at Galleria //Elegance from 1952

Big picture: interracial children’s camps, by Gordon Parks – in pictures

Big Picture: Gordon Parks: Gordon Parks image of children of poor rural land owners in the 1940s

An entry from Quite Continental

¨time is a stealer in life and we all have to live with it but by the time the clock strikes we all lose are minds¨-m.h.

Shotguns and sundaes: Gordon Parks's rare photographs of everyday life in the segregated South

Gordon Parks was one of the greatest photographers of our time. A truly creative spirit, he was also a musician, poet, novelist, activist and film director. His body of work was stunning and ran the gamut from fashion to poverty. Gordon was the first black staff photographer at Life magazine in the 1940s and the first African-American to direct a major studio film, "The Learning Tree."

Gordon Parks. Parks took this photo of a worker in the Washington DC office building of the Farm Security Administration on his first day of work there. Parks later worked for Life Magazine and wrote, directed and composed the music for the film "The Learning Tree." He describes taking this photo in his first autobiography.