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Damsel In Defense pepper spray comparisons. Our pepper sprays are 18% OC, which is the hottest you can get legally. Our sprays also have a UV dye that will stay on the attacker for up to a week so they can still be arrested later if found.

This man was pepper sprayed, but you can't tell unless he's under a black light. Our pepper sprays all have a UV dye that can stay on the attacker up to a week. Gotcha!

..and then she took out her pepper spray and blinded me! Those Damsel in Defense ladies are really making this difficult for me!

This is perfect! Friends don't let friends walk or jog without Pepper Spray!.....Damsel in Defense offers non-lethal self defense product's meant to fend off Could Be Attacker's. *PLEASE SHARE/LIKE THIS PAGE*

How Damsel In Defense pepper sprays compares to the rest #pepperspray #damselindefense

DAMSEL IN DEFENSE ~ Reata GFM Independent Damsel Pro Stun Guns ~ Pepper Sprays ~ Personal Security ~

The Pouch O' Pepper and Hardcore Peppersprays! All of Damsel in Defense Pepper Sprays are 18% Oleoresin Capsicum, which is one of the hottest on the market. They also contain UV Dye so if an attacker is sprayed he can be identified under a black light later. This is what every woman needs!! Remember, be sure to chain it to the keys for easier access, and be READY! #damseldefensegal Head over to to order yours today!