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Explore Dyslexia Affect, Severe Dyslexia and more!

How dyslexia affects a child’s life is largely proportionate to the way they are taught to view themselves and the disorder.

The Federal Government Hasn't Improved Education After Trying for 50 Years....Close the Dept of ED and send education back to states!

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How to scale up circular economy thinking in the business world - live chat

Friday 7 November 2-3pm GMT

Illustrating how the motion of the Earth affects our perception of starlight, from the Atlas of Astronomy, 1855, by Scottish geographer Alexander Keith Johnston (1804–1871). (Linda Hall Library)

Translucent stair tower knits together two floors of a Floating Home

This reverent figure stands at ocean’s edge welcoming a new day. Dazzling multi-circular geometry borrowed from a 2010 crop formation radiates a brilliant transmission of color and information, enhancing the potential of another radiant dawn. Feel how this light affects you. $3.50

Whats The Difference Between The Mind and The Brain? - Brain Pages

fluidity of circular design w/monochromatic greens throughout,beautifully eye catching.effect created by spiky slices of crescents peeling away towards inner circle at various curves within design leading to single leaf w/negative space center line detail&subtle edge scallop detail is aesthetically pleasing.faint grey spiral aligned along lower edge of design adds unexpected subtle interest w/translucent grey spiral (s)lightly overlapping greens, affecting tones faintly,enjoyable pretty…

Adult ADD / ADHD - Signs, symptoms effects and treatments from Help Guide. "Attention deficit disorder affects many adults, and its wide variety of frustrating symptoms can hinder everything from your relationships to your career..."

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Top Ten ways the Moon affects us

the moon | Top Ten ways the Moon affects us | Ecogirl & Cosmoboy's Blog