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A Series of Strange and Misspelled Questions About Pregnancy Posted on Yahoo! Answers

Many many don't read the full front page... so please give them this in /r/funny. I wanna have faith that /r/funny gives us all funny stuff out there! "how is prangent formed" belongs here as a top post! • /r/funny

If you've ever wondered whether cocaine use was really as prevalent in the 70s and 80s as movies and TV shows claim then the short answer is yes and no.Yes people were doing a heck of a lot more cocaine in the 70s and 80s than they are today, and doing it far more openly, but not everyone was in to cocaine.Some people were into champagne, or yoga, or pina coladas and makin' love at midnight, and yet cocaine use was so popular paraphernalia companies were taking out whole page magazine ads to…

Wine Packaged in a Paint Bucket - Neatorama (Neatorama)

93 Times That Google Street View Did Not Disappoint Us. #16 Is Almost Too Crazy.

"I Was Using Google Maps When All Of A Sudden...What?! That Is Seriously Crazy."

Earlier this month, the 911 operator in the small town of Mammoth, Arizona, was inundated with calls wanting to know what’s going on. An internet cry for help had been posted on reddit that told of mysterious deaths that were spreading through the community. People were reported dead of illness, others were beaten to death, and strangers were answering phones at her friends’ homes and businesses. She said state and federal officials were in town, including representatives from ...