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Lol so true<<what is our fandom?!<--a crazy group of people with nothing better to do then make crazy theories that turn out to be true

It is. Also like asking a author her favorite book (written by him/her) Which one is your favorite that you wrote? Well I like this one, but this one has this, and I like this about this one too...

I just can't imagine any singer/songwriter/band listening to any music ever. And I can't imagine an actor/actress ever going to watch a movie. It's just seems so strange!

And most of the time, it's the latter. One of the Vets at work laughs every time he asks some obscure detail about the previous patient he and I dealt with and I immediately answer him. "How much did Fluffy weigh again?" "13.4 lbs" "How much Convenia did I give?" "0.6" :P

Like and Repin if you agree!!!! Absolutely ..... Should of happened long ago! There is NO Excuse NOT to have them... Period!

Why do advertisers assign genders to food? Same as asking, "Why is there a family of bears who consider the highlight of their day wiping their asses?"

^^ The whole plot to the show everyone lol. "You're evil so you go to heaven, you save lives you go to hell"