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A way to bring a loved one closer. Re use an old shirt and turn it into a cherished pillow.

How To Turn A Shirt Into A Pillow

How to Make a Flannel Shirt Pillow in 5 Easy Steps

Learn how to make a flannel shirt pillow cover in just 5 easy steps at Sparkles of Sunshine. Grab a pillow and old flannel shirt and let's get started!

Memory Tshirt (Button up shirt) Pillow with saying of your choice

Memory Pillows

How To Make A Shirt Pillow

As you know, I like pillows – a lot. Today, I’m excited to share with you how to make a shirt pillow. This is a quick and simple sewing project, and can be a very economical way to change the look of your room. Especially if you use a shirt that you already have around […]

STOP: do NOT throw out that T-shirt! Upcycle it!

STOP: do NOT throw out that T-shirt! Upcycle it! | MODgrls; What a great idea. Great gifts and/or for a child, teenager, or college bound student's room or room with a theme