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They make life so much more colorful. :D
If I have nothing left to say to someone I once fought with, it means I'm done. I'm done communicating. I'm done caring. 100% chance I don't give 2 F%/^$ about you anymore. I'll still be kind to you though. You probably aren't worth my fight or energy anymore. Being kind is all I can do now.
Chaotic Gemini Thoughts ..... Sometimes we just need that quiet time to gather our thoughts....
loud-inside-my head
:) was brought up by my parents that if I had nothing nice to say, don't say a thing. Great advice, Mom and Dad!
Yes. I laughed at something today that happened last year. No joke. And at something that happened like 6 hours ago.
I'm seriously my own best friend. I have inside jokes with myself, and sometimes I'll start laughing out loud at how funny I am.
My rule of life: #1 "If you want something you never had, you have to do something you've never done."
And I know it's not the right thing to do but I do it every time. I am working on it :)