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How engineers see the water glass in California.http://californiawaterbl Civil engineer: The glass is too big. Flood control engineer: The glass should be 50 percent bigger. Army Corps levee engineer: The glass should be 50 percent thicker. Mexicali Valley water engineer: If your glass leaks, don’t fix it. Delta levee engineer: Why is water rising on the outside of my glass? Dutch levee engineer: The water should be kept in a pitcher. Southern California water engineer: Can we get…

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"Ready or Not: How Water-Ready is Your State?" This is an interactive map that provides state-by-state information about water resources.

Did you know that longer grass saves water? Longer grass cuts down evaporation which means the lawn holds more moisture.

If you put all Earth's water In one place, it'd look like this

How much of planet Earth is made of water? Very little, actually. Although oceans of water cover about 70 percent of Earth's surface, these oceans are shallow compared to the Earth's radius. The above illustration shows what would happen if all of the wat

Neary 1 In 10 U.S. Watersheds Is 'Stressed': Study

Nearly One In 10 U.S. Watersheds Is 'Stressed'; Demand For Water Outpacing Supply: CIRES Study

Steep drop in coastal fish found in California power plant records

The Los Angeles Times reported that "Fish populations in Southern California have dropped 78% over the last 40 years, according to a new study. ... The study ruled out overfishing as the main driver of the decline.",0,866454.story

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