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Ash Silvis is an Artist residing in TN. She's deviates from the norm and find beauty in the raw elements of our surroundings and with in us. if you get a chance you should definately check her out.

Spotted: Maison Cauchie, one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in Brussels which is absolutely worth discovering!

AbuDhabi a cultural contrast worth discovering and experiencing for a heartfelt experience like no other. A country that was based on pearl hunters and fishermen grown to a multicultural state of the art country. The first glance is never enough in AbuDhabi. Look deeper and discover this hidden treasure in the most beautiful city #inabudhabi #myabudhabi #loveabudhabi #culture #heritage #traditions #pearls #fishermen #old #new #travel #experience #discover #hiddengem #treasure #visitabudhabi…

Maybe you haven't still heard about the Casa Sayrach, but it's something worth discovering! This building, designed by Manuel Sayrach in 1918, is one of the latest art-nouveau pieces to be built in Barcelona. The most interesting things is that it looks like it was something designed by Gaudí, and even though it was not, it's still spectacular. Amazing by @stoptheroc Quizás no habéis oído hablar de la Casa Sayrach, ¡pero vale la pena visitarla! Este edificio, diseñado por Manuel Sayrac...

When the owner of this beautiful ring bought it, she thought it was a cubic zirconia (which was acceptable, given the $30 she paid for it). After discovering some hallmarks and doing a little research, however, she discovered that she may have gotten more than she bargained for! After taking the ring to Antiques Roadshow to get it appraised, her suspicions were confirmed: it was actually a French Art Deco diamond ring from 1930, worth 25-30,000 dollars!

‘Sopranos’ star discovers artwork worth millions ... Federico Castelluccio — the “Sopranos” star who played Sicilian hitman Furio, and is a serious art collector off-screen — has discovered a lost 17th-century painting by artist Guercino that’s worth millions. Modal Trigger “Sopranos” star Federico Castelluccio found this Guercino painting at a Frankfurt art dealer. Castelluccio, a painter and expert in Baroque European art, found the work at a Frankfurt dealer, but no one knew who the…

Light Stalking 6 "Hidden" Features Today’s digital cameras are bursting at the seams with so many bells and whistles that many of you may not have explored your camera enough to discover all the camera features. But there might be some very useful features worth discovering. Check out these 6 'hidden' camera features you will be glad to discover.

Where Women Create: Book of OrganizationThe Art of Creating OrderThe Where Women Create brand—including the first book and a national magazine—has proven hugely popular, and this inspiring volume builds on that success. Showcasing the studios and work styles of both famous and well-worth discovering artists, Where Women Create: Book of Inspiration is a backstage pass to the insights, muses, and artistic practices of some of today's most notable creative women. It features gorgeous

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