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Schematics: A Love Story in Geometric Diagrams

PBS LearningMedia is the new name for PBS Teachers; hopefully they will continue to provide these great webinars:

Ordering the Heavens: A Visual History of Mapping the Universe

Bao Yunlong, 1450s. Universe run by Tao, which is divided into yin and yang, which can be used to understand... everything. 'Ba Gua' used in the Yi-ching (I Ching or Classic of Changes, also known as the Book of Divination) 洛書圖案; 伏羲則圖作易

Another cutaway diagram. I wish my workplace had an air filter. It might also be nice to have an oxygen tank hooked up in case I got tired. I hear yawns are just the brain trying to get more O2. And having a remote essential oils perfumer in the vents might also make work more interesting. What scent engenders "perky"?