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Another cutaway diagram. I wish my workplace had an air filter. It might also be nice to have an oxygen tank hooked up in case I got tired. I hear yawns are just the brain trying to get more O2. And having a remote essential oils perfumer in the vents might also make work more interesting. What scent engenders "perky"?

iPad Air. Having owned an iPad 2 and an iPad Mini, I really wished that there could be a perfect middle that had a large screen while being light and compact. Apple answered my wishes in a big way with the iPad Air. It is surprisingly small and light given the full-sized screen. Performance-wise, this is the most responsive iOS device I've ever used and the battery life is great. A few apps that you should definitely look at: Grafio - real-time diagramming and wire-framing Lumosity - brain…

Autism Epidemic Linked to Epidemic of Vaccine Induced Diabetes Read more: Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Original Paper Cutting BRAIN Human ANATOMY 8x10" Cross Section of HEAD - Medical diagram illustration - Color Choice. $15.00, via Etsy.

Bao Yunlong, 1450s. Universe run by Tao, which is divided into yin and yang, which can be used to understand... everything. 'Ba Gua' used in the Yi-ching (I Ching or Classic of Changes, also known as the Book of Divination)