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rookiestudies: “ | a little peek into my ((new)) bullet journal. i’m planning a workout routine for the summer because it is so so important to maintain your physical health! 🕊 ”

#bulletjournal, Week 2. Getting mah shit on track this year. Do ignore my inability to write the number 01.. I mean 10. Don't worry, Yvan, I'm still working on yours :) Coming up with non-ridiculously-girly ways of doing this is difficult!

Habe ich es ernsthaft geschafft, mich einen ganzen Monat vor der Vollendung meiner BuJo-Reihe zu drücken ?! Ja ! Beim nächsten Absatz werdet ihr laut lachen, das garantiere ich euch ! Lange habe ic…

This week meant a lot to me- summer reading, painting, hiking, picnics, and taking photos of my friends; it makes me realize that the end of summer is approaching way too fast. It’s amazing how...

thepurplestudies: “ i made a spread inspired by all the bullet journals in my tag that will hopefully help once i start using dailies 📔 ”

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