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If 12 weeks helps you get started then great - I always found any slip ups made me give up because I never thought I could reach a goal in that time - so just get started, keep going | Be consistent, don't stop.

Sustainable weight loss is a complete lifestyle change, not a 12 week eating plan. - SO TRUE!


One song workouts are probably the coolest way to loose weight because i feel like if im moving to music i wont quit

Great WOD...  My goal is to do this and beat my time of 9:49 next time!

"Pug" WOD: Short & Sweet like a Pug! 10 minute quickie full body WOD: 2 Sets for time.

Peanut Butter Runner workout

Welcome to the weekly workout recap. This is the week that squats nearly did me in and running took a back seat to life. First, the squats.I LOVE to squat. It's my favorite exercise of all tim.

#RT http://www.nutrimwaist.com/ enter promo 6464 for a sweet discount Girl Gone WOD round 2 Maybe substitute time on my elliptical for the "run 1/2 mile" part

Merax Elliptical Bike 2-in-1 Cross Trainer Upright Exercise Fan Bike

Girl Gone WOD round 2 Maybe substitute time on my elliptical for the "run mile" part --did this today.


Week 2 Challenge: Log Four Workouts

CrossFit Inspired At Home Chipper Workout: Hollow Rocks-Rock like a banana, Air Squats-Arms out and up

Going to go do this right now! - "warm up" mini-WOD @CarrotsNCake

CrossFit WOD "Warm UP" Burpees, Air squats, Kettlebell swings, Push-ups My warm up May be 20 min of HIIT on the treadmill