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This might be why Google is one of the few cloud services out there that we don't hear about in the news.

We can all thank Frank Hosticka for this article.  Ouch! Everyone needs to switch to Google.  If you are interested 3GM can help.

Google to open it's own stores

Another well thought out scam! Just got this one today. Please checkout the following photos of that allow everyone to identify this scam. If you use GMAIL service like I do you can always verify that the sender is who they say they are click 'Show original' (Photo 2). Notice Google identified that the sender was not legitimate (Photo 3).

Google is at it again! I just got the Galaxy Nexus, now they the the Nexus 4.  Looks great! What are your thoughts?

Google finally fixed the problems with the Nexus 7 tablet and release an out of the park model that definitely competes with the iPad, the Nexus 10.  It...Expand this post »


Spending a Week With an Electric Car: Is the 2013 Chevy Volt Worth It?

Finally a Chevy Volt article that does not just brag about 100MPG.  They give the real breakdown and it is not 100MPG.

Apparently, SEO is not that important.  How much are you paying?


Study: Free iOS apps leak more user data than free Android apps

Avec l'avènement du smartphone, le vol de mobile est devenu un phénomène de grande ampleur. En 2011, plus de 600 000 vols de portables ont été déclarés en France. Ce qui était déjà fâcheux hier l'est encore plus aujourd'hui, notamment parce qu'au fil des ans, nous avons pris l'habitude de stocker toute notre vie dans nos téléphones, voire de s'en servir comme moyen de paiement électronique.

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